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Garnet Jewelry

Idaho and Montana Garnet jewelry. These gems are mined in the area and range from an orange-red to a deep red to fiery hot pink. Our jewelry is designed and set in house and custom requests are always welcome. Our garnet jewelry starts at $69 so we have something for everyone.

Wear this ring when you want to show off a flash of color. The passionate reds can't help but excite you as you see the brilliant flashes of color in your classy garnet gemstones.

Garnets are a durable stone and the beautiful January birthstone. They make great gifts and are the traditional gift for the 18th wedding anniversary. Enjoy!

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  1. Garnet Heart Filigree Wide Band Ring
  2. Sterling Silver Flower Stud Earrings
  3. Sweet Curves Garnet Stud Earrings
  4. Weeping Heart Garnet Post Earrings
  5. Weeping Heart Garnet Dangles
  6. Celtic Knot Garnet Studs
  7. Garnet Heart Framed Dangles
  8. Montana Garnet Flower Pendant
  9. First Love Garnet Pendant
  10. Double Heart Garnet Ring
  11. Garnet Freestyle Wide Band Ring
  12. Sapphire Heart Framed Dangles
  13. Beaded Double Band Garnet Ring
  14. Garnet Criss Cross Applesauce Ring
  15. Garnet Herringbone Band
  16. Single Branch Garnet Ring
  17. Organic Garnet Double Branch Ring
  18. Garnet Vine Halo Ring
  19. Beaded Bypass Garnet Ring
  20. Garnet Antique Square Halo Ring
  21. Freeform Multi-Colored Montana Agate Pendant
  22. Floral Inspired Cuff
  23. Ribbon Dangle Garnet Earrings
  24. Simple Bypass Garnet Ring