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Idaho Opal

The brilliant colors and patterns found in our Idaho opals come from the density and uniformity of the silica layers. This opal comes in every color of the rainbow and every pattern imaginable, creating a one-of a-kind triplet that is well protected and will give you many years of enjoyment.

We source our opals from the Opal Mountain Mine, Inc. in Spencer, Idaho.  Just a short drive from our Philipsburg, Montana location, these beautiful opals are just another example of the fantastic gems grown in our location.

Spencer, Idaho opals differ from other well-known opal deposits in the United States, Australia, Mexico and Brazil.  Here the deposits were formed in cavities of the igneous rocks when geyser activity (like those at Yellowstone National Park) brought the silica rich water to the surface over 4 million years ago. As the silica rich water seeped into these rocks, the layers accumulated into plates creating a very stable form of opal.

The quality and beauty of the Idaho opals we offer quite impressive.  Specimens from Opal Mountain Mine, Inc. have been donated by request to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.


Opal is the traditional October birthstone and the accepted gem for the 13th wedding anniversary.   With its showy display, opals have been known to spark creativity. The “dance” of opal fire can help people enjoy their lives. Gazing into the depths of your opal gemstone has been said to improve eyesight and reduce stress. Folklore suggests wearing an opal may keep blonde hair from fading with age.  Beware, legends suggest the power of opal can be misused. Some may find opal very hard to wear.

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HEALING POWERS: Use your Idaho opal to aid the kidneys and blood diseases. Opals are used for subduing an over-active 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) and has been associated with the sacral chakra – imbalances of which can cause problems with addictions. Natural Healers use opal to promote visions, enhance prophetic dreams and intuition as well as help moderate and harmonize sexual desires. Opal can help you see possibilities and  discover a broader perspective. Opal can help free you when you feel blocked in a situation.


Opals are a softer stone, ranging between 5.5 and 6 on the mohs scale. Idaho opal is estimated to be about 4 million years old.  They were formed as silica from nearby geysers mixed with ground water which formed a silica gel that collected and hardened in underground cavities and fissures.  Our  have been set as a triplet, having the soft layer of opal sandwiched between clear quartz and a black backing – producing a gemstone that is much hardier to wear than an unprotected Idaho opal.


As simple as using a silver polishing cloth!  Take care not to soak your opal in any strong cleaning agents, bleach or hot water  – and NEVER USE SONIC CLEANERS.