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About Us



We created this site so we could share our love for the Montana sapphire, Montana agates, our local garnets and Idaho opals.  We’ve set these gorgeous gems in unique and affordable jewelry.  The Montana sapphire comes in every color so there is truly a stone for everyone.  It has a wonderful hardness so the durability of the stone makes it perfect an engagement ring or any jewelry item that will be passed down for years.  Our little family business started from our love for digging for gems and my love for creating jewelry. When our daughter joined us here in Philipsburg, we encouraged her to build on her creative skills.  She has incorporated her knitting and crocheting skills into wire-wrapping and we’re continually amazed at some of the designs she comes up with.

Located in Philipsburg, we have access to beautiful sapphires from the Potentate Sapphire Mine as well as the El Dorado Bar near Helena. On the Eastern side of the state comes Montana moss agates with patterns and colors that always draw your eye.  Our garnets come from various areas of Montana and Idaho and we also carry the mesmerizing Spencer Idaho opal.  With so many fantastic precious and semi-precious gems in our neighborhood, why not showcase them in our affordable jewelry styles.

 We offer both the heat-treated Montana sapphires as well as natural, unheated sapphires.   We also like to use the sapphire crystals in the raw form for a more organic looking piece. A well-cut Montana sapphire can sparkle and shine like a brilliant diamond – but with colors and character you just don’t see every day.


Montana sapphires comes in every color of the rainbow- yellow, pink, white, gold, green, parti-color (multi-colored) and of course, blues of every shade! The natural sapphire usually has a more delicate shade than their heat treated counter-parts. Only you will know which stone truly appeals to you in color and brilliance and with Montana sapphires, there are a lot of choices.  We also offer customized and completely custom designs.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, call us and we’ll create it!

We do our best to inform you of the history of your stone and if any treatments have been done. We take pride in creating jewelry with gems that were mined in USA.

If in the area, please visit one of our retail stores located in Philipsburg, Montana. We have Montana Gems of Philipsburg where besides viewing our wonderful jewelry line, you can also mine your own sapphires!   Our historic little town with it's quaint Granite Ghost Town,  is a great place to stop, shop and play. Just off MT Highway 1, the Pinter Scenic route is a nice alternative to taking the interstate when traveling between Butte and Missoula. Our location between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park makes a great stop when touring the area.