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Idaho Opal Jewelry

Our Idaho opal jewelry is created with Spencer, Idaho triplets. These stunning gems can contain all the colors of the rainbow. These brilliant opals with all their fire will light up your life! We usually set these in sterling silver but gold is also an option.

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  1. Solitaire 5mm Opal Pendant
  2. Double Rope Opal Ring
  3. Idaho Opal Open Swirled Ring
  4. Idaho Opal in Decorative Setting
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  5. Textured Wide Band Opal Ring
  6. 8x6 Idaho Opal Gold Stud
  7. Wide Floral Opal Ring
  8. Offset Idaho Opal Ring
  9. Ribbon Framed Opal Ring
  10. V Shank Opal Ring
  11. Opal Stud Earrings - 5mm
  12. Opal in Pretty Leaf Setting
  13. Idaho Opal 14k Studs
  14. Classic Idaho Opal Dangles
  15. Curved Frame Opal Ring
  16. Idaho Opal and Montana Sapphire swirls