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Nature Inspired Jewelry

Being in Montana, we are surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery.  We love to create jewelry that reflects this beauty.  In this collection, you'll find mountains, trees, leaves and anything with that organic feel  We hope you find the piece that speaks to you!

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  1. 4mm Montana Sapphire Mountain Pendant
  2. Natural Sapphire Branch Pendant
  3. Floral Inspired Cuff
  4. Montana Sapphire Rose Pendant 4mm
  5. 3mm Montana Sapphire Mountain Pendant
  6. Wide Floral Opal Ring
  7. Single Branch Garnet Ring
  8. Opal in Pretty Leaf Setting
  9. Montana Sapphire Rose Ring
  10. Garnet in Rose Ring
  11. Montana Sapphire Vine Halo Ring
  12. Garnet Vine Halo Ring
  13. Montana Agate Leaf Ring
  14. Sterling Silver Flower Stud Earrings
  15. Montana Garnet Flower Pendant
  16. Long Floral Sapphire Pendant
  17. Montana Sapphire Flower Pendant
  18. Organic Garnet Double Branch Ring
  19. Three Stone Raw Montana Sapphire Ring
  20. Montana Sapphire Organic Leaf Ring
  21. Single Branch Sapphire Ring
  22. Organic Sapphire Double Branch Ring