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Jewelry featuring our local gemstones. We have jewelry in Montana sapphires, Montana agates, Idaho opals and Idaho and Montana garnets. Settings available in sterling silver or gold.

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  1. Weeping Heart Sapphire Dangles
  2. I Heart Montana Pendant
  3. Men's Silver Square Nugget Sapphire Ring
  4. Natural Sapphire Branch Pendant
  5. Modern Abstract Men's Sapphire Ring
  6. Men's Square Nugget Sapphire Ring
  7. Modern Men's Sapphire Ring
  8. Men's Textured Sapphire Ring
  9. Solitaire 5mm Opal Pendant
  10. Emerald Accented Classic Sapphire Ring
  11. Antique Styled Montana Sapphire Ring
  12. Silver Montana Sapphire Triangle Pendant
  13. Gold Montana Sapphire Triangle Pendant
  14. Eifel Tower Sapphires Dangles
  15. Sterling Silver Flower Stud Earrings
  16. Sweet Curves Garnet Stud Earrings
  17. Weeping Heart Garnet Post Earrings
  18. Weeping Heart Garnet Dangles
  19. Celtic Knot Garnet Studs
  20. Garnet Heart Framed Dangles
  21. First Love Garnet Pendant
  22. Double Heart Garnet Ring
  23. Garnet Heart Filigree Wide Band Ring
  24. Garnet Wavy Wide Band Ring